New Year’s Resolution: An Organized Home

New year, new you? It seems like everyone uses the beginning of a new year as an opportunity to set goals or challenge themselves to complete resolutions that they have set. Often times this involves losing weight or quitting a bad habit, but this year, I’m resolving to keep my home more organized. Did you know that getting your home organized also has benefits for your overall well-being? Studies have been done that show that people with clean houses tend to be healthier than those with messy homes, so sign me up!

Also, if you’re planning to buy or sell a home this year, these tips will come in handy to help make that process a lot less stressful and cumbersome when the time comes to move because you’ll have already gone through the process of cleaning, purging, and organizing. Trust me – anything that can help make moving a little less stressful in the end will be worth it!

Here are some of my tips to help you get more organized in your home this year!

In the kitchen:

  • Tackle your spices. Raise your hand if you’re like me and accumulate spices quicker than you can use them! Spices do have a shelf life, even though I’m sure some of mine have been around a lot longer than they were supposed to be. Take some time to go through your spices and toss out any that you know are old or can’t remember the last time you actually used. I also took time one year to organize my spices in uniform jars and labels, and it brings me a little joy every time I open the cabinet and see them in there looking all cute.
  • Clean out your fridge/freezer. Toss out old food, including any condiments that might be hanging out in your door way past their prime. If you do end up selling your home, potential buyers will check out your appliances if they are included with the sale of the home, and the last thing you want is to turn someone off by having a dirty or cluttered refrigerator!
  • Organize your pantry. Put dry goods in matching, labeled containers, and grouping together similar items so they are easy to find when you need them.

In the living room:

  • Place blankets/throws in a large, decorative basket next to the couch so they aren’t laying around haphazardly on your furniture or taking up space.
  • Buy a storage ottoman/coffee table. We have a coffee table that opens up and we are able to keep remotes and other random items we don’t necessarily want sitting out in there but still have easily accessible.
  • If you have kids and need a space for their toys, invest in shelving units with drawers that can easily hide them when not in use.

In the bathroom:

  • Organize your linen closet. If there are old towels and sheet sets that you are no longer using, consider donating them to your local homeless shelter or organization that collects used home goods.
  • Go through your medicine cabinet and throw out any medication that is expired or old. Some medications, such as controlled substance prescriptions, should not be just tossed out, so contact your local authorities to find out where they can be disposed of properly.
  • Toss out old toiletries. Maybe it’s just me, but I tend to accumulate different kinds of toiletries over time, whether it’s me wanting to try a new kind of shampoo or receiving something as a gift that I forget to use. Purge anything that you don’t use or don’t like. If you are concerned about waste, see if someone you know would want it first.

In the bedroom:

  • Purge & organize your clothes. I make it a point every time the seasons change to go through my clothes and take out anything that I no longer wear. I have a bad habit of telling myself that I’ll wear certain pieces again, but I know deep down that I won’t. See if family/friends are interested in any of your hand-me-downs, or add them to your donation pile.
  • If you lack space in your closet, rotate out seasonally appropriate clothes and store what you won’t need right now in labeled totes or in under-the-bed storage containers.

Have any additional home organization tips? Comment below and let me know what they are!

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